Positioned at the cutting edge of the infrastructure sector, IL&FS specialises in innovative techniques and mechanisms for developing and financing infrastructure projects. The IL&FS Group today employs over 600 dedicated and high-potential personnel. Following the rationale of domiciling similar clusters of skills together to derive maximum efficiencies, the IL&FS Group today comprises a range of highly specialised and innovative companies. The IL&FS Group provides a professional, dynamic and supportive environment for career development across a variety of specialised activities, through the range and breadth of its portfolio

Financing of infrastructure development is always a challenge in light of long time horizons, wide range of stakeholders, existence of direct as well as indirect beneficiaries, need to minimise freeloading etc. Moreover, many benefits of infrastructure improvement are not readily quantifiable at the outset, but reveal themselves as linkages and spin-off benefits down the line. Consequently, the design and structuring of financial packages that address all the above parameters calls for strong domain expertise, awareness of trends in infrastructure financing in India and overseas, creative thinking and even consumer behaviour

IL&FS continuously seeks to strengthen its capacities in the areas of infrastructure project design and finance. We seek people who will not stop at vanilla packages but evolve innovative structures and solutions that address the needs of our clients. Thinking outside the box is a key prerequisite, as is experience in the infrastructure field, with a demonstrable record of achievements

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