Amongst the several reforms that are required to be undertaken to build a knowledge-based society, two areas in which IL&FS holds the specialisation to contribute, are:

  • Providing base infrastructure and management services to educational institutions, through public private partnerships
  • Inducting technology into education to enhance the delivery of quality education

IL&FS incorporated IL&FS Education and Technology Services (IETS), an education-infrastructure development initiative with a one-point agenda - to change the face of learning across the country. IETS' use of technology in education makes learning experience-led, interactive, insight-based and effective

IL&FS also undertakes projects to build or redevelop schools on a Build-Operate-Transfer basis, using public-private partnership

Projects in this Sector
  • Adding dimensions Core Skills For A Global Workforce
  • Ahmedabad Municipal Teachers Technology Training
  • Bihar Knowledge Centre
  • Computer Aided Learning (CAL) in the State of Bihar
  • EDUSAT Haryana Project
  • Governance Training
  • I-Care, IL&FS-ETS Certification for Advancement in Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Integrated Quality Enhancement at Municipal Schools
  • K -yan
  • Low Cost High Quality Schools Program
  • The Right Turn Program – Training Delhi Police
  • Tripura-Tele-Ophthalmology Project

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