IL&FS has been extensively engaged in the development of the power sector in India for over a decade. The Group works closely with several state governments, public and private utilities as well as private sector developers for developing generation, transmission and distribution projects on a Public-Private-Partnership basis. IL&FS has also been actively assisting Government of India in formulating policies for facilitating private sector participation in development of power sector including renewable energy initiatives

Over time IL&FS has built in house expertise in various facets of project development such as technical, legal, regulatory, environmental and financial etc, essential to ensure optimal structuring of projects

IL&FS is presently involved in developing over 8000 MW of generation capacity and 5000 circuit kms of transmission line with a total investment of over Rs. 450 billion. Its role play in these initiatives extends to project feasibilities, development of private participation framework, competitive bidding for selection of private developer as well as structuring and finalisation of key project contracts. In the area of hydropower, IL&FS works on the philosophy of overall river valley development

IL&FS Group has commissioned 549.6 MW of windfarms as at March 31, 2014
Projects in this Sector
  • 1004 MW of Wind Power Projects
  • 1090 MW Tripura Gas Based Power Project
  • 145 Km, 400KV, D/C Indo-Nepal Transmission Line
  • 6000MW Nana Layja Power Project (4000 MW Coal & 2000 MW Gas)
  • 660 km, 400 kV Transmission Line – (Associated with Tripura Power Project)
  • Bihar State Electricity Board
  • Biomass Projects
  • Biomass Projects in Aurangabad, Maharashtra
  • Indo Nepal Transmission Lines
  • Karimnagar Thermal Power Project
  • Krishnapatnam Thermal Power Project
  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
  • ONGC Tripura Power Project
  • Thermal Power Projects : 726.6 MW Tripura Gas Power Project
  • Thermal Power Projects in Tamil Nadu
  • Transmission Lines
  • Waste to Energy Projects

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