Being one of the pioneers of public private partnership for infrastructure, IL&FS incorporated two companies: IL&FS Transportation Networks India Limited and IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation, to meet the rising demand for road development and maintenance

IL&FS Transportation Networks India Limited (ITNL) was incorporated in November 2000 in order to pursue various new project initiatives in the area of surface transport. The focus of ITNL is to develop and build a pan-India surface transport business through various investment opportunities by acquiring and managing individual projects, including the existing ones

Ever since its inception, ITNL has been involved in the development and implementation of important highways, flyovers, bridges and roads across the country. These projects – both at cash generation stage and/or at construction stage - have been designed on international standards in terms of technology and facilities. These roads are strategically important as they connect major industrial and social centres of the country

ITNL's activities include:

  • Evaluating medium-sized projects for potential investments or sponsorship
  • Implementing its diverse skill sets that position it to meet the challenges of project development
  • Ensuring transparent monitoring and timely construction
  • Managing Toll Roads in order to maximise yield to the investors
  • Sourcing Advisory Services
  • Merchant Banking

IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (IIDC) was incorporated with an objective to develop infrastructure projects through public private partnerships, ensuring induction of best practices and benchmarking against international and national norms

IIDC's activities include:

  • Collaborating with Central and State Governments / agencies to address infrastructure needs
  • Formulating policies
  • Introducing rigorous project development to successfully commercialise private-sector led projects
  • Obtaining funds during project development and implementation
Projects in this Sector
  • Ahmedabad-Mehsana Toll Road
  • Chenani Nashri Tunnelway Limited
  • Delhi-Noida Toll Bridge
  • East Coast Road
  • Hazaribagh Ranchi Expressway Limited
  • Karnataka Toll Bridges
  • Kotakatta-Kurnool Road Project
  • North Karnataka Expressway
  • Punjab Roads
  • Rehabilitation & Resettlement Programme for Mumbai Urban Transport Project
  • Thiruvananthapuram City Road Improvement
  • Vadodara - Halol Toll Road
  • West Gujarat Expressway