Water and Waste Water

Sustainable economic growth can only become a reality if the nation adopts water management practices: long term planning and recycling of water as well as environmental regulations. Efficient and productive water management requires investments, reduction in water loss, mapping of water needs, with a focus on areas that have continued water scarcity

IL&FS has since 1995 worked in the sector of water and waste water and has pioneered the concept of public-private-partnerships in water management. The Company has worked extensively with State Governments and Associations of Manufacturers and Exporters to develop programs for water supply and waste water management, desalination, water reuse, as well as sewerage treatment and water recycling project

In 1995, IL&FS entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Tirupur Exporters Association and Government of Tamil Nadu to develop a comprehensive area development programme (consisting of water supply and waste water management for the industrial town of Tirupur). IL&FS has also successfully developed and implemented a water supply system for the town of Vizag
Projects in this Sector
  • Ambur Vaniyambadi Effluent Program
  • Brandix Marine Disposal Project
  • Nanded Water Supply, Sewerage and Storm Water Drainage Project
  • Tirupur Effluent Treatment Project
  • Tirupur Water Supply and Sewerage Project